Library Rules and Regulations

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They act as a window to explore the unknown world. They are places where people can connect with others and invest in their own future. We know that libraries are a huge resource to every community
A library is a place of information, knowledge, and learning. It should be clean, vibrant, and accessible to all. According to R. David LankesBad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.” It should be a place where information and resources are easy to locate, with the newest and most popular things offered right upfront. It should be a place that your patrons feel excited and happy to use. Particularly, it’s one of the best locations to visit for learning and progress. Whether you’re a college student, researcher, or professor, dropping by at a library will never be a waste of time.

Many people come to the library looking for a quiet place to study and conduct research. Please help by:

Your fellow library users will thank you for being considerate of their need for quiet study.

Terms & Conditions

Members must carry their identity card or fee receipt every day and shall produce it on demand.

Because the library is for everyone, we have listed the following rules of behavior to ensure that all library members can use and enjoy the Library services, materials, and facilities without disturbing other members.

Potential Consequences: