About us

Kamal Sharma (Director)
Kamal Sharma (Director)

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They act as a window to explore the unknown world. They are places where people can connect with others and invest in their own future. We know that libraries are a huge resource to every community
The library is a place of information, knowledge, and learning. It should be clean, vibrant, and accessible to all. According to R. David Lankes “Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.” It should be a place where information and resources are easy to locate, with the newest and most popular things offered right up front. It should be a place that your patrons feel excited and happy to use. Particularly, it’s one of the best locations to visit for learning and progress. Whether you’re a college student, researcher or professor, dropping by at a library will never be a waste of time
“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” Well, your search ends here. Sharma Library at Jewel Chowk is a well-designed, fully air-conditioned study space to fulfill all your intellectual as well as creative needs. Our reading room is well organized having inspiring internal space, comfortable seats, peaceful ambience and abundant facilities, along with being very economical. Now you can realize your dreams and be an achiever, while we take care of you and remove all obstacles in your path to success. It is a perfect space for those preparing for competitive exams like Civil services, NEET, IIT-JEE,CA/CS,etc. A one of a kind space to explore your inner bibliophile. A peaceful place for study that is equipped with all the basic necessities like wifi,newspaper,powerbackup that allows you to work comfortably and lets you focus on your studies to enroll yourself and enjoy the peaceful and creative ambience that will put your mind and body in a space full of productivity and resourcefulness.
Sharma Library provides library services to the children, and adults irrespective of any distinction of sex, caste, creed, and religion

Our Mission

Our mission is to transport you to new worlds and different times through books.

  • To promote love for reading and learning
  • To create a nurturing space for readers
  • To facilitate young minds
  • Create pathways to affordable course material
Arjun Sharma (Executive Director)


Sharma Library creates an environment for people to learn, to explore, to enjoy, to create, to connect.


We strive to do the best of our abilities to provide every student a space that helps them achieve whatever goals they have for themselves. It gives the students a lifetime opportunity to be able to realise their capabilities and spend their time with productivity by studying away from the hustle of city life. Away from the distraction at home due to different reasons. You are sure to find your ideal working space at Sharma Library.